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EB Games Coupons: Games and pop culture icons with exclusive appeal

Save some of your game money for snacks with EB Games coupons

New releases pile up faster than nearly anyone can make enough money to afford them, but not all hope is lost. EB Games offers affordable ways to get your hands on your favorite gaming franchises through EB Games coupons and trade-in deals with the added benefit of exclusive perks just for EB Games shoppers. Whether your virtual vices are go-kart races or commanding massive armies you'll find exactly your niche of game and more.

Recycle and save

With over 7,000 accepted trade-in items it's nearly impossible to find games that won't save you money on the newest releases. With their exclusive recycling program and guaranteed trade-in prices on new releases after they launch, EB Games coupons and a new release you've already beaten practically keeps you in new games for free. Why bother renting when you can use your invested gamer cash towards a new controller or big pre-releases? You can even trade in consoles and score big discounts on the newest gaming machines.

Pop culture is alive and well here

If you haven't already decked out your place with figurines and accessories, now's a great time to start. EB Games always has new and exciting display pieces you won't find anywhere else including highly sought-after Funko Pop! statuettes from your favorite game and movie franchises. You may have already beaten your favorite game but there's no better way to show off your love for it than typing in an EB Games coupon and proudly displaying its protagonist or villain down on your shelf to show them off to your friends and loved ones.

Stay involved with your favorite games

Keep up with your hobby through EB Games' EDGE rewards program and its contests for members and non-members alike. The EDGE program lets you get the best bang for your buck with EB Games coupons by giving you discounts on your purchases and exclusive one-day sales throughout the year, ensuring there's always something good waiting to be bought.

EB Games gives you:

  • New and recycled games for the best prices possible
  • Loyalty rewards and members-only sales through the EDGE program
  • Exclusive deals on toys and accessories for your favorite game consoles


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