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Deals to design your interior

Deals to design your interior

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Save big on the furniture you need with Leon's coupons!

Great deals on great furniture with Leon's coupons!

Everybody winds up looking for furniture one day! Whether you're moving into a new house or apartment, looking to replace old or broken furniture, or just decorating or redecorating, you'll need to get furniture one way or the other. Your best bet is Leon's, Canada's premier furniture outlet! Get great furniture at a great price, and make that price even better using these amazing Leon's coupons!

A company with a long history of success

Leon's has been in business for over a century—you can't buy that kind of experience OR credibility! Opening their first store in 1909, Leon's started out as a general merchandise store in Southern Ontario. They picked up steam by offering lines of credit to those that would otherwise not be able to purchase on credit, endearing themselves to new immigrants and lower-income Canadians alike.

When Leon's founder, Ablan Leon, purchased a mattress as a wedding gift for his son, it was delivered to his store and leaned against the wall outside. A customer came into the store asking to buy the mattress, and when Ablan realized how much money he could make on larger items, he retrofitted his business to sell furniture.

Since then, Leon's has become one of Canada's largest retail outlets, employing over 10,000 people throughout Canada.

The spirit of giving

Leon's 100th anniversary, celebrated in 2009, culminated in a donation to Boys & Girls Club of Canada, a group that provides children with health and physical education programs and makes donations to local hospitals. In addition to that, Leon's has supported and made donations to charitable groups like the Canadian Cancer Society, the YWCA, the Cerebral Palsy Association, and the Salvation Army.

Fantastic sales

Leon's is in the business of furniture sales—and, what's more, the business of giving great deals. Perusing their website, you can see that huge sales are offered every day on big furniture pieces that you might not otherwise be able to afford!

  • Over a century of success in the industry
  • A charitable spirit that informs the way Leon's does business
  • Amazing deals on big-ticket items

There's no reason not to get your furniture from Leon's today, especially with the sales you can get using these great coupons!


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