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Do your shopping at Safeway with these great Safeway coupons!

Quality products at unbeatable prices with these Safeway coupons!

Where you choose to buy your groceries can always be a difficult balancing act. You want to make sure that you aren't traveling so far that you use up half of your gas just getting groceries for the week, but you also want to shop somewhere that won't empty out your bank account! Safeway is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and it's an undeniable Canadian staple—and now you can get price breaks on tons of your favorite products with these amazing coupons!

A brief history

Safeway opened their doors in Canada in 1929. Their first store was in Manitoba, but Safeway has since expanded their 183 Safeway stores from Vancouver, British Columbia to Thunder Bay, Ontario. In the 1930s, Safeway acquired another chain of grocery stores, Piggly Wiggly and began introducing parking lots and gas services to accommodate the growing automobile industry.

Safeway continued to expand their inventory and acquire new locations until 2013, when they were acquired by Sobeys, Inc.

Community outreach

For years now Safeway has contributed to the communities it serves, from donating to the BC Wildfire Relief foundation to being the largest single contributor to food banks and hunger prevention initiatives in western Canada. In addition to that, they provide donations to health-related causes, various fairs and events across western Canada, and support for people with disabilities.

Environmental responsibility

Safeway is also dedicated to preserving nature and wildlife through environmentally responsible day-to-day business. By retrofitting their stores with environmentally friendly lighting and HVAC solutions, Safeway has minimized their carbon footprint in the hopes of ensuring long-term environmental growth and preservation.

  • A name you can trust when you need to get your shopping done
  • A history of community outreach and humanitarian work
  • An ethical practice towards saving the environment by going green

If you're looking for a company that strikes the balance between affordability and quality in their inventory, not to mention one that conducts their day-to-day business in an ecologically responsible fashion, Safeway is your choice! And you can save even more on products that you buy every week using our fantasitc coupons—there's no reason not to shop Safeway today!

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