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Who doesn't love a good cup of tea? It's a staple in most of the world, and you may as well get your tea from a company that knows what it's doing! Teavana offers tea, iced tea, teaware, and excellent gifts for an tea lover on their website, and with crazy good discounts! Why not make those discounts even crazier by using these amazing Teavana coupons today?

A brief history

Teavana opened their first teahouse in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1997. They were started by a couple who put the entirety of their savings into the business after getting the idea while traveling abroad. After over a decade of success, Starbucks bought out Teavana in 2012 for $620,000,000, further solidifying the brand's strength.

With twenty years of experience making the best commercially available tea and then being acquired by an even stronger company, you can put your trust in Teavana's products!

Supporting youth education

In 2014 Teavana worked closely with Oprah Winfrey to create the "Teavana Oprah Chai" Tea and related accessories. For every sale of Oprah Winfrey's tea and accessories, Starbucks has donated to Winfrey's foundation that supports youth education and funds in South Africa. As a result, Teavana has donated over $5,000,000 to children in South Africa.

After their successful venture with Winfrey, Teavana partnered with Girls, Inc., to further support the education and mentorship of young women in America.
Teavana has also donated $100,000 to young women across Canada and the United States to help them with their transition from high school to college.

Ethical tea partnership

Teavana is a part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, a non-profit dedicated to making the production and distribution of tea safer via increased work environment safety awareness and more socially just principles involved in production and manufacturing.

  • A long history of success both as their own business and partnered with Starbucks
  • Supporting women and children across the world with their philanthropic endeavors
  • Engaging in ensuring that the production and distribution of tea products is more humane and safer

Teavana's products speak for themselves, as do their wonderful philanthropic activities. Why not get great tea today at a low price, made even lower by these amazing Teavana coupons?