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Don't buy a car, co-share it!

Don't buy a car when you can co-shared one!

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Zipcar Coupons: Share a car, share a ride, share the savings

Sidestep the pitfalls of car ownership with Zipcar Coupons

You may have heard of ride sharing services, but Zipcar takes the concept a step further and offers car sharing options for better traveling rates and speedier delivery of the service you need. A Zipcar coupon in hand gives you access to discounts on fleets of sedans, SUVs, vans and more. All you have to do is pick the ride you want, unlock the car using the Zipcar app, and go! No more waiting for ride share drivers to find your location and pick you up. No more hassling with strangers. Zipcar is your car sharing program at your pace.

Car sharing: Like car rentals, but smarter

If being stuck with a rented car for a week isn't your idea of a good time or if you just don't need a vehicle for more than a few hours, Zipcar is here to help. Car sharing can be as short as a single hour and 180 miles of complimentary travel are offered with every rental. Zipcar will even pick up the gas bill with a handy gas card included inside every vehicle. All you have to worry about is grabbing a Zipcar coupon and browsing for cars near you.

Business car sharing keeps your organization on the move

If your business calls for vehicle solutions that aren't as simple as buying a fleet and worrying about the hassles of insurance and tracking mileage, Zipcar can simplify your workload in a snap. Business accounts give your employees access to the same great Zipcar services as private individuals with extra benefits added on for your convenience.

Free up money for university with college car sharing

If you live on-campus there's a solid chance you don't need a car every single day, but that doesn't mean you'll get a big break on the bills associated with a car. With a Zipcar coupon and the app you'll be able to get a ride when you need it and live without vehicle worries when you're within walking distance of your classes, and the Zipcar site shows you which college campuses have joined the program!

Check out Zipcar for:

  • Flexible car sharing across the globe
  • Car rentals for as little as an hour at a time
  • Business and college car sharing solutions

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